Every year general Electric opens its doors to the employees’ families, so that each employee can proudly show his family where he works and what he does. We organised a Family Day where all kids and relatives could be part, for one day, of all employees’ work environment in a fun and engaging way. Each kids received a welcome kit with branded toys and fun and engaging materials. During the event we organised some workshops and entertainment shows for everybody.

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Palagini is a stylish, Italian high quality bathrooms furniture brand. Palagini is an ambassador of art with its stylish products and with its origins: the founder of the company was an artist indeed. The challenge was to promote and spread Palagini’s philosophy and their connection to the world of art in a non conventional way. We involved young students in a street art contest and the winners could paint theirs graffiti on Palagini’s show-room walls. The initiative is now at its 5th edition.

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M factor, Mottolino

Internal Communication, event, video

Mottolino, is the fun mountain of the Alps, well known for its Europe’s best snow park and fun parties. How can we create a funnier and more lively atmosphere in Mottolino’s sky area? We believed the answer was in making the employees happy to work there. We created the M-Factor contest, the contest where all the employees had to demonstrate their Mottolino-Factor: the factor that makes them able to have fun also at work. If employees are happy at work also skiers will be happier. The winner was announced during the closing season event and won a trip for two people to Euro Disney Paris.

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